Rehabilitation Service for Juvenile Delinquents


To support you and your family members in developing a law-abiding life and better coping skills.

Who for?

Juvenile delinquents (and their family members) who have been remitted by the juvenile commission*

*Juvenile sanction law par. 3 sub. 1 p. 8


From 6 months up to 3 years, based on the client’s needs and the achieving of goals that have been set together.

Service Contents

Formulating a rehabilitation plan together.
Individual, family and group counseling.
Cooperation with the support network
Evaluating achievements

Getting to the service and being at the service?

Juvenile committee decision: rehabilitation service as a sanction
Juvenile commission sends the resolution to the local pension office. Contact addresses at
The pension office sends a letter of referral to the home of the family within 10 days
The juvenile’s legal guardian telephones the proper rehabilitation establishment (contact information is provided in the letter of referral) within 21 days of receiving the letter of referral
The rehabilitation establishment asks for data and schedules the first meeting
Meetings with juvenile + legal guardian + rehabilitation team are held in order to form a rehabilitation plan
The juvenile and the family take part in counseling
Joint evaluation of the effectiveness of the service and termination of service
Feedback to juvenile committee that refferred to the service

Who are there to assist you?

Social worker
special education teacher and speech therapist

Applying for compensation of travel expenses.

Accomodation and catering are not services provided by Papaver MTÜ. For suitable possibilities please contact the rehabilitation service coordinator (tel. + 372 6 512 705, mob. + 372 51 35 758)

Rehabilitation services are not offered in the place of residence of the client.

Persons requiring additional help and care must be accompanied to the service by a chaperone.

Additional information (in Estonian)

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Information of rehabilitation service providers in the Register of Economic Activities. Click here to read.

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Research and Development Activities

Saame, K. (2009). Rehabilitatsiooniteenus: alaealiste komisjonide perekeskne mõjutusvahend. Õpetajate Leht, 27. veebruar (8). Click here to read.

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The information related to the research and development of the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents at Papaver MTÜ is obtainable from the Estonian Research Information System. Click here to read.